ambien for mental health

Ambien for mental healthAmbien is a drug known for treating insomnia and has a serious side effect called paradoxical excitation. It induces abnormal thinking, aggressiveness, extraversion, agitation, depersonalization, schizophrenia, strange behavior and blackouts.

Blackouts are comprised of sleep driving, sleep eating, and sleep shopping. This means that the person taking this drug is unaware of all the activities done after taking Ambien. This is because the drug’s effects may continue to linger the next day too. Hence people with mental instability are strictly advised not to use Ambien.

Get the clear information on how to use Ambien at and how to make the maximum benefits out of it. But not everyone is affected by mental instability and it’s reported that only 10% of the population are unfortunate to experience it.

Sleep eating was one of the weird behaviors of the patient as they were noted to consume egg with shells, buttered cigarettes, raw meat and other inedible food. People with such eating habits under the influence of Ambien are referred to as “Ambien zombies”.

Why Ambien affects mental health?
Physicians prescribe people to buy Ambien 10mg, which is the preferred dosage of the drug from renowned online pharmacies like in a easy manner. When this medication is abused, the pill shuts down the brain circuits which inhibit the parts of the brain from working while asleep. GABA receptors of the brain are triggered using Ambien. When GABA receptors are activated, the brain slows and when this happens the patient starts behaving differently and blackout happens frequently. This happens only when the receptors of the brain changes.

Side effects Ambien determined by research:
The side effects of Ambien were determined by first testing it on mice. The whiskers of those mice were trimmed to identify them and later it was found that these mice are susceptible to Ambien sleepwalking and other activities. The FDA approved these harmful effects and has passed an order to warn consumers about these hazards on the packing cover.

Proof that Ambien changes mental health:
In 2006, former Rep. Patrick Kennedy (DRI) caused a car incident in the middle of the night and when he was caught by officers, the side effects of Ambien was brought into light.

In 2009, Robert Stewart killed eight people and wounded two in a nursing home by shooting them down, where his wife was working. During the trial, it was argued that he was not in control of himself while shooting because of his Ambien intake. His wife hid in a bathroom and was reported to have escaped the attack.

That being said, Ambien is the most effective sleep aid in the market and it comes to the aid of people who are really in need.  The mental health effects and physical side effects only occur in a minor percentage of the populace majority of them experiencing only positive results from the medicine.


Who is more susceptible to mental instability by consuming Ambien?

  • Elderly people
  • Patients with history of mental disorder
  • Mothers who have delivered recently (Women in this phase will already be experiencing postpartum depression and when Ambien is taken at this phase, they are more reliable to develop mental and psychological problems)
  • Young children as they have a rapid mental growth every day (below 18 years)
  • When taken along with CNS depressants, it poses a threat to mental health of the patient.
  • Consumed with alcohol and other drugs.